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I am a professional life coach, speaker, workshop leader, and the expert in helping women who are struggling with the realization that their growing children no longer need them as much and who want to start to fill that void by rediscovering what THEY want to do with their newfound time and freedom so they can create a life of purpose and fulfillment outside of motherhood.

Women often come to me feeling stuck, busy, empty, lonely, people-pleasing, numbing out, restless, bored, or just plain sick of it all.

You know you were meant for more — To live an epic life. To play a bigger game.

Women who work with me learn how to discover their Diving Calling and fulfill their purpose.

You’ll discover your heart’s true passions and start living the life of your dreams — with purpose and abundance, the way God intended!

Deep down we all know that MOM-IS-THE-BOMB!