About Me


I am a wife of 20 years and a mother of two teenage girls. That means I have 20 years’ experience being the CEO of my household — that is, Creator of Exciting Opportunities.

A few years ago, I went through a severe depression for several months. It was horrible -- a dark, scary place that I thought I would never get out of. But, praise God, with His help, I did. And not only did I dig out, I continued digging until I created the life I used to only dream about.

Today, I’m living a life of purpose helping women find, discover and live their purpose, know who they are in Christ, understand god's law of faith, and our authority on Earth through Him. 

I’ve never felt so fulfilled!

For years my life had been full being a mom -- full of quality time hanging with my girls. I looked forward to our after-school time, when they opened up and talked about their day. My favorite was singing and talking in the car on the way to music lessons and theatre rehearsals. I loved surprising them with little dates for ice cream and coffee and shopping….life was great.

Then it stopped. I mean, BAM! It was over! The girls were now teenagers, and after-school time became them shutting themselves in their bedrooms, poking on their phones, or hanging with their friends. And there I was, sitting in my chair and crying in my caramel macchiato, wondering what in the world to do with myself.

It got so bad I didn’t want to bother getting out of bed in the mornings, because I had no reason.

Housework? No thanks. Laundry? Puh-lease!

I felt restless and bored. Empty and lonely. Numb and directionless. I had lost myself. And I was tired of people-pleasing and trying to be perfect.

I knew deep down that I was meant for so much more. If I could only access that passion I used to have, the gifts that had hibernated for years. I just didn’t know how to get there.

Before I knew it, the dark cloud of depression enveloped me, and I became despondent. I couldn’t eat; I lost ten pounds I couldn’t healthfully spare. I slogged around the house with no desire or energy to do anything. I had completely separated from myself. I felt utterly hopeless.

With some help, I dragged myself out of the heavy darkness and set out to find what in the world I was here for. I had lost myself to motherhood — a noble cause, of course — but it was time to find ME again.

I wasn’t satisfied to get back to the status quo, which was puttering around the house wishing I had done something with my life, and feeling like it was too late. I knew that the time was NOW. This girl was not getting any younger!

One fateful day, I made the life-changing decision to invest in life coaching for myself, and through that process, I defined, reached for, and achieved my goals. I dusted off my own life coaching certification from years ago and decided it was time stop playing small and local, settling for practically giving away my time and talent. It was time to offer my knowledge, expertise, and calling to women all over the world. Ta-Da! I now had a thriving online coaching business. (Okay, it wasn't really "Ta-Da," it took time and hustle!)

I developed a step-by- step program to help moms get their mojo back, and I put it out there. I specialize in helping moms live lives that sizzle and shine. I guide them from Hot Mess to Heck Yes!

Nowadays, I jump out of bed every morning, so excited to do what I was born to do. I am infused with energy I thought I had lost. I love getting to experience my clients’ A-Ha! moments, and watching them transform into “mom-is- the-bomb” — living in the world out loud, confident, brave, and ON FIYAH!!

The moms I work with become the model for their kids, inspiring them to go after their own Big Dreams. And the best part? These moms start shining their lights into other peoples’ darkness, using their God-given gifts.

That is true fulfillment.

It’s crazy to think that I have 14 years’ experience coaching and mentoring, speaking, writing, and teaching. Am I that old? (Hehe.)

I hold a degree in Communication Studies from University of Montana and a life coaching certification from Fowler-Wainwright International. I worked as the arts and entertainment reporter for the local daily newspaper for several years, and won regional writing awards. I began leading workshops and retreats in 2004, coaching groups of women and teen girls.

I continue to write, speak, and lead events for women (and sometimes teen girls, too), and coach one-on-one and in groups.

When I’m not doing all of that, I’m mountain biking, quilting, traveling, hanging with my husband, and, of course, my girls (when they have a spare moment)!

Life is amazing.

And just so you don’t go thinking I’m all perfect and stuff, you'll have to take my word for it that I still have messes to clean up! Plus,  I’ll admit to a few super-nerdy behaviors:

  • I have a phobia of ticks — or actually anything that sucks human blood,

  • My guilty pleasures are cheap beer, Cheez-Its, and rock ’n’ roll documentaries.

  • I dance and sing to the music at the grocery store, much to the horror of my teenagers, and

  • I can be talked into going to ANY live concert, ANY time, ANY where.

So…are you ready to be the mom-is-the-bomb?

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