Through a Child's Eyes

It's hard to believe this was 6 years ago already! Man how time flies. 

May 5, 2011

-New School Concerns of a 7 Year Old-

Today we went to the Catholic for a site visit, because we are considering enrolling our girls there for next year. Last night, when the girls couldn't get to sleep, I suggested they make a list of questions they might want to ask the principal at St. Andrew tomorrow. Here is Eliza's list of questions: (she is 7)

(written with her grammar and spelling intact)

1. What do the uniforms look like?

2. Do you get candy when you do something good?

3. is it fun?

4. Do we go to a Sunday School?

5. is the teacher nice?

6. can parents come to lunch with you?

7. Will I like the uniforms?

8. Will the kids in my class be nice?

9. do we go on field trips?

10. is there a music teacher?

11. do we go to difforent classes?

12. do we get holaday off?

13. how many reasseses do we have

14. do we have lockers?