40 Life Lessons

Lesson 37: 40 Lessons I've Learned in My 40 Years

Lesson # 37:

The key to a happy marriage is to keep your focus on his positive qualities and never dwell on the negative ones. Remember that you have negative traits, too. If you allow yourself to stew over the things he does that irritate you -- or even infuriate you -- resentment can take over; and resentment is the first ingredient for divorce.

I'm not suggesting that you don't communicate your needs and frustrations, I'm just saying that it's a real bad idea to hang on to those kinds of thoughts.

(Phil 4:8)

Lesson 33: 40 Lessons I've Learned in My 40 Years

Life Lesson #33

Music is a fantastically emotional art, and I could not imagine life without it.

Music can soothe me, energize me; it gives me a way to express anger or sadness or silliness or joy. It can completely change my mood, and can take me away to another place. Music brings back memories -- both good and bad -- and takes my attention away from anything else around me. 

Nothing is more fun to me than a live concert. Nothing gives me chills more than hearing thousands of people singing together. 

Music makes a road trip, a party, a workout and a house chore more like an adventure. Music makes worship more tapped into the heart. 

Music not only molds my life, but defines it. 

My life is a soundtrack.

Lesson 29: 40 Lessons I've Learned in My 40 Years

Life Lesson #29:

There are a lot of stupid rules in our culture. I have learned that in other cultures, people don't get so uptight about things that folks in the U.S. consider "dangerous"... or whatever they think.

"You are not allowed to sit here."

"You can't touch that."

"No children are allowed."

"You can't park your car that way."

Is it because we are sue-happy in our culture? Whatever it is, it annoys me.

Lesson 26: 40 Lessons I've Learned in My 40 Years

Life Lesson #26:

I used to think that the person a child becomes is mostly based on how she is nurtured with a little bit of nature tossed in for flavoring. Nowadays, I have come to believe that children come out of the womb who they are, and we as parents nurture them the best we can and hope it makes a little bit of difference. 

Learning this lesson could seem scary, as in "you get what you get," but I like to think of it as letting off the hook, which lessens my anxiety considerably.