Week Day Inspiration

Faith Forward Friday

You are UNIQUE! God made you that way! We say, "Don't compare apples to oranges," but we do it ALL. THE. TIME. when we compare ourselves to those around us.
God does not intend for us to fulfill a role He has for someone else, so we have to stop trying to be other people! He created THEM, to fulfill THEIR purpose, YOU were made for YOURS. Trust that He has given you what you need to fulfill your unique purpose.

"Stop playing the comparison game; no one wins." 

Mindset Monday

Let's start of this week with an exercise to get you in the right mindset: 

I have a challenge for you fabulous ladies!!
I want you to commit to 21 days of a new habit.
The challenge is this:
Every morning for 21 days, grab your journal ( or notebook or whatever) and the first thing upon waking up, write down three things you are grateful for. Each day for 21 days, you will write three different things you are grateful for. 
Then, after writing your three things, spend 5-10 minutes asking God what your direction is for the day.
Sometimes, you will get a clear direction, which is freakin' awesome!! Other times, you won't, so when this happens, just go abut your day according to your priorities.
Just starting your day out with gratitude will transform your attitude! I promise!!
Love to you all...