40 Life Lessons

Lesson 14: 40 Lessons I've Learned in My 40 Years

Life Lesson # 14:

There are people who come along in your life who are constantly complaining and asking for advice, but then when you try to help them or offer advice (see Life Lesson #32) they have a million reasons why it won't work. Then you get frustrated because the person is sucking the life out of you and won't do anything to better their own life, so you get angry with them and reaffirm their root problem, which is their lack of self-esteem, which then gives the cycle more fuel to continue. So, it's better to let these relationships die a natural, painless death, or else keep them at arm's length.

Lesson 8: 40 Life Lessons I've Learned in My 40 Years

Life Lesson #8: 

Journaling is a great tool to enhance your life, and adding art to your pages is even better. You learn so much about yourself through journaling, and self-awareness is an important personal attribute to attain. Secondly, your experiences are observed more closely and thought about more deeply when you are putting them on paper. It forces you to take your time, slow down, notice the little things. Bring a pencil, some watercolors, and your favorite pens on vacations, hikes, ballgames, and even trips to the coffee shop. Also, you get to relive the experiences as often as you want when you look back on your journals. Another great bonus is that your children and grandchildren will have a personal part of your life experience told from your own hand. Wouldn't you love to have your grandparents' journals?