I feel as though so much has happened in a short time. Lori has a great way of approaching any topic with specific resolutions and probing questions and ideas that really force you dig deeper.
It’s thru this program that I’ve learned to listen to my inner spirit and push towards a better life for myself. It’s thru this program that I’ve worked towards having a better relationship with Christ. Forgiving myself for past mistakes and holding onto guilt and feelings that just don’t apply to me anymore. Acknowledging the impact that my past and childhood has had on the decisions I’ve made as an adult, like not having children to financial habits and how they all tie into my past. And truly embracing the fact that I can and do deserve so much more personally, financially, mentally and spiritually. This has helped me to continue to walk in my truth with no regrets and looking for acceptance.
I’m also learning some very important critical thinking strategies that challenge me and force me to think beyond which has been great and scary at the same time. But I welcome it.
My journey will continue beyond this experience but the tools and mindset has been set.
Lori really encouraged me to push through my fears. I’m excited and somewhat amazed that I’ve accomplished so much in just a short time with her.
— Stacy W., Dallas, TX

Lori has helped me push through so many limits that were blocking me. She has helped me talk through issues and look at them from a different, more positive, angle. She is kind, honest, and fun, and there is nothing fake about her.
If I had a friend who was struggling as I was and needed help finding direction and purpose in life, I would refer them to Lori.
— Jodi A., Minot, ND

Lori is a born encourager. She has such a bright spirit and a giving nature; I can be my real self with her without feeling stiff or forced. In a coaching relationship, you’re partners, each bringing something of themselves to serve the same cause. Lori brings compassion, inspiration and sincerity with unstoppable energy and bounding creativity to every situation. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Hannah H., Helena, MT

The coaching program is phenomenal. It is just what I’ve needed to push me in the right direction. Lori has helped me to really define and focus on my gifts, abilities and talents
— Tiffney P., Dallas, TX